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Follea Luxury and Lifestyle Custom Wigs – Chicago 100% Natural European and Human Hair for the Hair of Your Dreams

Every women wants to look beautiful, feel attractive, and radiate confidence. At Embassy Studio in Chicago, that is the reason we are so energized and pleased to report our new alliance with Follea™, producer of the world’s most excellent characteristic human hair manifestations.

As Chicago’s chief affirmed Follea Wigs Atelier, we offer their complete natural hair accumulation including “beauty wear” custom hair, natural wigs integrations, clip ins, borders (blasts) and best pieces and in addition custom work of the most elevated quality.

Guaranteeing to be the best may appear to be strong yet we move you to look and feel Follea human hair wigs and judge for yourself.* The sparkle, gentility and sensibility of Follea’s wig manifestations are the most persuading, permitting you to encounter the most elevated type of regular magnificence.

Your Desire. Our Aspiration.

A wide scope of regular hair accumulations are accessible, to include:

Follea 100% human hair wigs

  • Top of the head hair augmentations Fringes (blasts)
  • Full head frameworks
  • Pre-made or custom

Follea imports just the finest hair from Europe and other top quality wellsprings of fine, common hair. Follea’s hair comes in 30 energetic base hues preceding any low or high-lighting process. They work with the hair to make the most exact wrap up all current industry benchmarks.

For a definitive in daintiness, solace, development and style there is nothing entirely like a Follea human hair wig.* Made of 100% regular human hair, they are hand tied and we utilize just the exceptionally finest handled human hair and virgin European human hair. Follea wigs have such a characteristic look and agreeable feel you should see them to see how magnificent they are.

Chemotherapy and Alopecia Custom Wigs and Hair Loss Treatments In Chicago

Therapeutic related male pattern baldness can be ascribed to a few reasons including:

  • Alopecia Totalis
  • Alopecia Universalis
  • Chemotherapy Radiation Treatments
  • Drugs and Surgery
  • Health and Stress
  • Chemical Damage

Mishap Injury Burns and Scars Disaster injury. There are a few balding treatment alternatives accessible for those encountering chemotherapy male pattern baldness or other therapeutically related male pattern baldness. A few individuals pick hairs, scarves or turbans, while others lean toward a hair prosthesis or both.

Our custom hair swaps for men, ladies, and kids are altogether different from those retail establishments or mail request inventory wigs.

Chicago follea human hair wigsThey are intended to meet an individual’s particular male pattern baldness needs, and to look absolutely common and imperceptible.* Whatever the reason, each medicinally related male pattern baldness circumstance can be restored to the patient’s unique hairdo and look.

Wigs for Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling) Many individuals have anxious propensities, however individuals who haul out their hair enthusiastically can endure overpowering passionate and even physical effect. Hair pulling is a profound mystery for a great many people who do it, however it is not particularly uncommon. Specialists gauge that 4 million Americans have what is called trichotillomania (trap o-till-o-principle ee-a). In the event that wigs or hair substitution is something you need to consider, the exceptionally experienced advisors at Embassy Studio in Chicago will offer you some assistance with finding the best arrangement.

Follea Human Hair Wigs for Women

For a definitive in style and comfort there is not at all like a most elevated quality FOLLEA human hair wigs, Chicago style… trusted quality.

In spite of prevalent thinking, not all human hair wigs are difficult to keep up. Actually, in light of the fact that you can utilize hot blowers, rollers and twisting (fixing) irons you have significantly all the more styling alternatives.

Human hair custom wigs are trimmed and redid to the look that you need and consequently we don’t have set styles like you find with the engineered wigs.


We urge you to plan your free, private discussion today. Meet with a prepared Transitions proficient at our cutting edge focus in Chicago, Illinois. There is no charge or commitment! Your picture specialist will give data with respect to reasons for hair loss and alternatives customized to your particular circumstance and way of life.

Each of our techniques is exclusively intended for your particular needs and way of life and spending plan. Whether you are simply beginning to experience hair sparseness or are in the most progressive stages, we can help with our full range of expert treatment choices.

At Embassy Studio, we always endeavor to give you the flexibility to pick what is the most perfectly awesome answer for you. We give our customers customized arrangements that are so staggeringly natural that there is basically no excuse to suffer any longer.*

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