dandruffThe good news first: If you’re struggling with dandruff, that does not necessarily mean you’re going to lose your hair. That said, it is true that the itching can lead to hair loss. Also, a condition such as dermatitis can cause both dandruff and hair loss.

How Dandruff May Indirectly Cause Hair Loss

When you get dandruff — those white skin flakes— you may be inclined to scratch your head. A lot. That scratching can weaken your hair roots and cause your hair to fall out more easily.

Moreover, when you jump into the shower and wash your hair, you may be more inclined to wash roughly, which breaks hair roots. In fact, shampooing your hair is a prime time to do some of the scratching that can lead to hair loss. So, if itching is a problem for you, ask your dermatologist for recommendations to cut down on the scratching. Treating your dandruff is what will treat your hair loss.

And if itching isn’t really a problem? All the better.

By the way, if you’re thinking about skipping some showers so you won’t scratch your scalp in there, think again. It’s actually better for you to wash your hair every other day or even every day when you have dandruff. This is because hair accumulates if you don’t shampoo it, and it falls out all at once when you finally do shower, making the loss a lot more noticeable. Don’t skip the showering, but do explore ways to be gentler on your scalp.

Dermatitis Can Cause Both Hair Loss and Dandruff

If you have seborrheic dermatitis, it is possible that you are experiencing both dandruff and hair loss, along with other symptoms such as redness and skin lesions. In this case, it is not dandruff causing the hair loss, but rather the condition of seborrheic dermatitis. Of course, it is natural for many people to associate the presence of dandruff with their hair falling out. See your doctor if you think you could have dermatitis, and the two of you can explore over-the-counter treatment options as well as prescriptions and possible lifestyle changes.

The bottom line is that if you notice you have dandruff, there’s no need to panic just yet about losing your hair. Many times, resolving dandruff to minimize itching issues prevents hair loss and gets hair to grow back. If you’re worried you have seborrheic dermatitis, a hair loss specialist can help.

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Photo Credit: tookapic Via Pixabay