breast cancerIn honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we want to celebrate the many brave women around the world who are going through this journey.

Many women who undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer choose to buy wigs even before the hair loss sets in. Wigs can be a better alternative to going completely bald, and they can make stylish hair replacement pieces. Here are the best ways to choose a chemotherapy wig:

Getting Ready for Your Wig

A woman who knows she will suffer hair loss as a result of chemotherapy may want to cut her hair short prior to getting a wig. Besides it being easier to get used to the look, having less hair will make it more convenient and easy to fit a wig on. It also helps to talk to others who have bought wigs, read reviews and even ask hairdressers for advice on what suits a woman’s face shape best.

Finding the Perfect Wig

Women shopping for chemo wigs should learn about any local breast cancer organizations in their areas, as these groups usually may have a list of wig specialists who offer good deals to cancer patients and survivors. Choosing the wig even before the chemo treatment can help a woman get a sense of how she will be looking and feeling on the outside.

When selecting a wig, the woman should go for the best quality available. They should ensure that the material is well fitted and that it does not scratch their scalp. This is why some women choose to completely shave their head before buying a wig.

It is also recommended to choose a wig that is lighter than the normal hair color. Why? This will give a softer look with less contrast. Some women experience a change in skin color during chemo—it may seem grayish or even yellowish, and therefore the face needs a soft frame that does not contrast it too much. Of course, selecting a wig color and texture is a personal choice.

Caring for Your Wig During Chemotherapy

Wigs usually have an open-weave mesh. This is designed for ventilation. They also usually have elastic or Velcro fittings that should be snug around the ears. Women should not wear their wig without a break. Doing some activities such as cooking or cleaning may be more comfortable without the wig on. Not to mention, less hazardous!

When experiencing chemo related hair loss, some people may choose to wear hats or other ways to cover up hair loss. At Embassy Studios, we encourage everyone to feel themselves again with a wig and we are not your typical wig shop that you may find at a retail store. We sit down with you to customize a wig that matches you and not just something off the shelf. To schedule a free consultation call us at (312) 642-9800 or to contact us via email click here.



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